Water Damage CT

We offer professional water damage clean up and mold restoration services for both businesses and home owners in New Haven County, Hartford County, and Litchfield County. Whether you need water clean up, mold inspection, or remodeling services give us a call today!

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Water damage can lead to mold problems within your house very quickly. Ideally you will catch the water spots and curb the mold growth before it is visible to the eye. Often once mold becomes visible, it has spread farther than you think. We can help you handle the insurance claim, inspection, testing, cleanup, and restoration seamlessly!

If the area where you live has undergone a severe storm or flooding, then you should get your house checked out by a professional. There is a good chance that a few parts of your house have been damaged due to water and heavy wind. Common problems found after heavy rain and wind include: roof damage, carpet damage, siding damage, window damage and even severe flood damage to the interior of your home. Call us today to have a water damage CT inspection.

restoration ct

CT Restoration

Does your carpet get wet and waterlogged when it rains? Is there a small water spot on your ceiling? These are signs of water damage in your house and they must be treated before they get worse. Give us a call and we will help evaluate your situation ASAP!

The most important thing to know when dealing with water damage CT issues is that time is of the essence! The sooner it is treated, the less time there is for mold and mildew to grow. You will know within 48 hours whether or not the leak has been handled properly as it will either dry up in this time frame, or remain wet. If a musty smell begins to emerge then the water damage has not been handled and you need to call a professional immediately. Many types of mold can cause serious health problems and it is not something that should be taken lightly. Call us today to set up an inspection and mold testing.

Water Damage CT

Have you experienced water damage in your home? Pro Restoration Solutions can quickly assess the cause, stop the flooding, and  plan for a speedy repair and remediation. Since 2009, we have served the local community to remediate problems caused by leaky roofs, flooding, burst pipes, toilet overflows etc.

Allow us to be the professionals to handle your water damage and remediation project.

water damage restoration Stamford CT

water damage restoration Stamford CT

Time Is Of The Essence With Restoration CT

Have you experienced water damage? It is critical to dry the area immediately and circulate air. Within just 24 hours, microorganisms such as mold and fungus can begin to grow in damp flooring and walls. Call Pro Restoration Solutions at 203-633-7746 right away to begin the process before its too late and mold grows. We are proud to offer water damage restoration Stamford CT located, and surrounding areas.

We’ll arrive on time with our industrial drying equipment and thoroughly dry all surfaces. We’ll check under flooring and behind walls to ensure that there is no standing water or moisture hiding which can later cause structural damage and mold growth. We will perform mold testing and air quality testing to ensure no mold is present in your home or business. Contact us today for our services for mold restoration in Chesire.

water damage restoration Stamford CT

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Whether you need mold testing, removal, or CT restoration services, give us a call to handle it all!

Our Water Damage Solution

Pro Restoration Solutions understands the importance of a quick reply for water damage calls. That’s why our crew is on standby 24/7, ready to attack your water damage and restore your property. We’ll work with your insurance to alleviate the headache for you.

CT restoration
CT restoration
Our process of restoring your water damaged property is swift and effective.
water damage restoration Stamford CT & surrounding areas

Seamless Interactions With Insurance

We understand that water damage to your property is stressful. We’ll help relieve the burden by dealing directly with your insurance company. Rest assured, once you choose Pro Restoration Solutions as your partner in restoration, you can trust us to complete all the necessary steps to get it done. We’ve built a solid reputation as a trusted water damage solution in CT by working tirelessly with property owners and insurance agents to ensure that the job gets completed seamlessly.

Water damage CT

Our Services

Air Quality Testing

The air we breathe should be safe and free from toxins. Breathing hidden mold can cause harmful side effects.

Mold Removal

We remove all types of mold in all areas. It is unsafe to attempt removal yourself, allow our professionals to handle it.

Flood Clean Up

We will stop the flooding and remove all water from the area. We offer emergency services for flooding.


After we remove all mold, we can complete renovating and remodeling work for you as well. Your one stop shop.

Moisture Control

Preventative measures must be put in place in order to stop mold from returning. We can help with this.

Mold Inspection

Our professionals are equipped with specific tools to find mold hidden in walls, ceilings, floors etc.