Mold Remediation CT

We offer professional water damage clean up and mold restoration services for both businesses and home owners in New Haven County. Whether you need water clean up, mold inspection, or remodeling services give us a call today!

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Mold Remediation CT Services

Air Quality Testing

The air we breathe should be safe and free from toxins. Breathing hidden mold can cause harmful side effects.

Mold Removal

We remove all types of mold in all areas. It is unsafe to attempt removal yourself, allow our professionals to handle it.

Flood Clean Up

We will stop the flooding and remove all water from the area. We offer emergency services for flooding.


After we remove all mold, we can complete renovating and remodeling work for you as well. Your one stop shop.

Moisture Control

Preventative measures must be put in place in order to stop mold from returning. We can help with this.

Mold Inspection CT

Our professionals are equipped with specific tools to find mold hidden in walls, ceilings, floors etc.

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mold remediation Connecticut Services

Mold can be extremely dangerous and is not something you should wait to fix. If you have any concerns like your house developing a mildew smell, you should call a professional immediately. Have you had unexplained headaches, sneezing, congestion, asthma etc.? It could be due to mold hiding within your home or business. We offer mold inspections and air quality testing to ensure we find all mold. We are able to find mold within walls, ceilings, floors etc. that is not visible to the eye with our testing equipment.

With decades of experience under our belt, Pro Restoration Solutions has the most trustworthy and professional contractors. When it comes to home mold removal in Chesire, CT, you can trust us to get the job done correctly and professionally. Whether you just need a basic mold inspection or you need full mold remediation services, you can trust it to be done by us at a very affordable rate. We focus on operating with strong values aimed to serve every clients’ needs. For us, every new restoration project is an opportunity for a new relationship.

mold remediation Connecticut

mold remediation Connecticut

Expert Mold Removal CT

Getting rid of mold can be a daunting task. The most important part of removal is determining the cause. Mold often hides within our walls invisible to the eye. If it isn’t completely removed, the spores will continue to grow. If the conditions (warmth, moisture) that supported the mold growth to begin with are not eliminated, the mold will return. Pro Restoration Solutions is an expert at home and business mold removal CT and swiftly and completely and restores families to healthy living once again.

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What is The Cost of Mold Removal?

This all depends on the size and stage of the mold. Mold testing CT is low cost and will help determine the plan of action and expenses. Give us a call at 203-633-7746 for an inspection and quote.

Here’s what you can expect from your mold remediation CT job:

How Much Is Your Family's
Health Worth To You?

Mold present in your home or business is not an issue that can wait. Call us

immediately to receive a free inspection and restore the air quality in your house.

Mold present in your home or business is not an issue that can wait. Call us immediately to receive a free inspection and restore the air quality in your house.

Local Mold Testing CT Specialists

We at Pro Restoration Solutions know mold. We understand what conditions cause it to grow and how to eradicate it for good. If you are experiencing mold in your home, give us a call at 203-633-7746, and we’ll have our specialists there in no time to assess your needs. We’ll devise a plan for complete removal and return to healthy air quality in your home. Let us show you why we were voted one of the best mold remediation Connecticut companies!

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No one likes to live in a house that has slowly started turning into a breeding ground for mold. The mold formation in and around your home does not only look ugly and dirty, but it also is a prime reason behind acute respiratory problems. Although not all molds are harmful, it is best to get mold inspection CT services done and checked by a professional service like ours. We strive to continually deliver safe and quality services.

Pro Restoration Solutions is always available to take up your calls. Our skilled and trained workers will not leave a single stone unturned to make your house a safe space. Mold remediation is a long process that needs a lot of skill, patience, time, and concentration, but with our services of mold remediation CT locals will have nothing to worry about. We assure you that you will never feel out of place or see mold formation once we disinfect your area.