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We offer professional water damage clean up and mold restoration services for both businesses and home owners in Litchfield County. Whether you need water clean up, mold inspection, or remodeling services give us a call today!

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Our Mold Services

Indoor Air Quality Testing

We'll come to your home or business and test your indoor air quality. You may have serious mold problem invisible to the eye!

Mold Removal

We will find all mold problem areas and remove without disturbing the mold or causing it to go airborne.

Flood Clean Up

Don't stress, we offer emergency services. We'll stop the flood, remove all water, and begin restoration services.


Not only are we experts in the field of mold removal, but also restoration. We'll help you renovate and restore.

Moisture Control

Mold thrives in dark, moist environments. We will help you control the moisture and prevent mold from returning.

Mold Inspection

We have the tools to find and eliminate even hidden mold. We'll find and remove it all so you can breathe easy again.

mold remediation ct litchfield

We Offer Expert Mold Remediation CT Litchfield County Services

When was the last time you had the air quality tested in your home or business? This is important to do because mold can be present even when we can’t see it. Breathing in mold can be extremely harmful over time which is why you want the areas you spend the most time in to be healthy.

Have you noticed you or your family experiencing unexplained side affects such as head aches, sneezing, congestion or even asthma? This could be related to hidden mold in your walls, ceilings, floors etc. Call us today to schedule our mold remediation companies. We offer free inspections and will be sure to determine the cause for mold as well. Contact Connecticut’s premier mold removal companies today to get started.

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Mold Remediation Litchfield

Have You Experienced Water Damage?

Has your home or business flooded? Anytime our building materials get wet, there’s a high probability of mold growing – especially if the area was not cleaned immediately or dried properly. Basements, attics, garages and bathrooms are prime candidates for these conditions since they typically are dark moist environments. 

If you’ve had flooding or unexplained allergy problems, chances are you need a mold testing services Litchfield County company. Call us today to receive your free inspection!

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Mold Removal & Prevention

It is necessary to determine the cause for mold growth during the inspection. Mold removal is obviously necessary, but it will not solve the problem if the conditions are not changed. If the area is still dark and humid, the mold will return. This is why we have extremely thorough inspections. We care about your family’s health and want to ensure the safest end result possible. Choose Pro Restoration Solutions as your mold testing Litchfield County company.

While some types of mold are not life threatening and dangerous, you should not assume what type of mold you have. The longer you wait for inspection or treatment, the great the risk incurred. In addition to health risks, mold spores and flooding can cause structural damage. Call us today to receive help from our Litchfield mold cleanup experts.

How Much Is Your Family's
Health Worth To You?

Mold present in your home or business is not an issue that can wait. Call us

immediately to receive a free inspection and restore the air quality in your house.

Expert Mold Remediation Litchfield CT

We are a locally owned and operated company in Cheshire, Connecticut. Our entire team of specialists all live in the towns we serve. We enjoy restoring our communities and offering quality mold removal services.

For a company you can trust to treat you with respect and urgency, use Pro Restoration Solutions. Call us today to get started with your mold remediation services Litchfield CT project.