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Voted one of the best mold restoration companies in CT, we offer full service solutions. From emergency flooding clean up, mold inspection and removal to renovation and restoration; we can handle the project start to finish for you. Call us today!

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Mold/Air Quality Testing

We have specific tools to find hidden mold in walls, ceilings etc. Breathing mold can cause harmful side effects.

Mold Removal

We remove all types of mold in all areas. It is unsafe to attempt removal yourself, allow our professionals to handle it.

Flood Clean Up

We will stop the flooding and remove all water from the area. We offer emergency services for flooding.

Home Remodeling

After we remove all mold, we can complete renovating and remodeling work for you as well. Your one stop shop.

Moisture Control

Preventative measures must be put in place in order to stop mold from returning. We can help with this.

House Painting

As part of our restoration efforts, we offer exterior and interior house painting services.

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In CT restoration services have never been as available as they are now. We have dedicated our business to being available for home and business owners in distress. Whether you have an emergency or would like to schedule mold testing CT services, we are there for you.  We strive to provide exceptional services to all of our clients. We have a great reputation with our customers and we intend to keep it that way! You know if you live in CT restoration can be a way of life, especially if you live by the ocean. Let us give you peace of mind by restoring your home and removing all mold and water damage professionally.

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It is critical to hire an experienced company for mold removal and water damage issues. If the cause of mold is not determined during the mold testing CT services, then the mold can return even after removal. It is due to a humidity or water damage issue, and it must be resolved otherwise the mold removal services will be ineffective. We have a very thorough inspection service, and we determine the cause for growth during this process. We also provide air quality testing services so we are able to find hidden mold in the area.

Our team of specialists all live in the communities we serve. We enjoy giving back to our neighbors, and this is why we have such high standards of work. We want to restore our communities and bring healthy homes back to Connecticut.

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