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We at Pro Restoration Solutions have offered our expert services to the residents of Connecticut for over a decade now. Have you been sneezing, getting headaches or having unexplainable allergic reactions? You may be experiencing reactions to mold in your house. We specialize in mold inspection CT services, removal, and restoration. Mold will grow in dark or damp areas, and may be hidden to the naked eye. This is why it is important to have a professional company do an inspection, we can inspect the insides of the walls and any crevices to ensure there is no mold.

Although mold is a natural part of the environment as it helps break down dead organic matter, it can be incredibly harmful if we get it in our houses. The tiny spores from the mold become airborne and will be breathed in by those around. If mold growth is not treated in due time, it can lead to respiratory problems for people living in the house.

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It is best to treat leaks or water damage before it turns into a bigger problem. If you can already see the mold growing, chances are it has spread further than you think. The results of a plumbing leak are often more devastating than the initial problem. Whether you have a slow leak or have a pipe burst and need emergency services, we are there for you! From the initial clean up to the final completion of restoration, we’ve got your back. Call us today.

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Our services come in a broad array, from the beginning inspection to the final steps of remodel, we can do it all!

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What Our Clients Say

"Shuaib & Dave are some of the nicest people I have ever worked with. They listened to us and all of our concerns, every step of the way. We were flooded and immediately after meeting them I knew that we were in good hands. Very trustworthy guys!"

Ella Perez


"Great company to use when you want the job done right. Dave and his crew are very professional and will be definitely using them again on future projects"

Kyle James


"These guy's were great! I am so happy I choose them for mold testing CT and to cleanup the mold in our basement. Unfortunately our insurance company didn't cover us but Pro Restoration Solutions worked with us and gave us a fair price to do the job. It's been quite some time and no problems at all. Not only did they get rid of the mold problem but they also helped us out with some outside repairs on the house so our basement wouldn't leak anymore."

Elsie Ross

West Hartfird

"This company was recommended by the adjuster we hired for our claim. Dave and his crew did an excellent job in our basement. In a time of crisis like this, when water needs to be removed immediately, I was so pleased with this company. They did an awesome job for an affordable price which left us with funds to rebuild. I will definitely recommend them!!!"

Spencer Malhotra


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Reliable 24/7 Emergency Services

Have an emergency? Let us handle it! Since 2009, Pro Restoration Solutions has provided damage restoration services in the Connecticut area. We take pride in quickly becoming a name local residents trust for quality restoration when disaster strikes. 

Here at Pro Restoration Solutions, we stand behind our work 100% and will strive to exceed your expectations. If you have experienced damaged property due to a flood or fire in Connecticut, call us for professional service and quality work. We take pride in our reputation for serving our valued customers when they need us most.

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The water damage restoration process can be expensive and stressful. We understand this, and we will show up as quickly as possible to get started. Once called, we arrive to the site to assess damage, contain the problem area, and ensure that the unaffected areas are safe.

Next, we get to work immediately on removing all damaged debris and unsalvageable items. We thoroughly dry, then clean and sanitize all affected surfaces. Then, the restoration and reconstruction processes begin, using only the highest quality materials available.

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Mold Removal CT Experts

Whether you suspect mold inside a wall, or have mold problems and just need them tested and inspected, give us a call! We do mold testing and inspecting in addition to removal services.

Our team takes all the necessary precautions as they start with mold removal CT services. We make sure to remove mold as safely and quickly as possible so you can resume to normal living. If you live in Connecticut restoration is now easy because our team will take care of all your mold related issues. We are trained and up to date on all the latest equipment, training and safety precautions so you can rest assured knowing you’re in good hands. When it comes time to find home improvement contractors CT based, give us a call!

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Often times water damage and mold growth can turn into extensive restoration projects. If you can see the mold growing, chances are it has already spread further than you think. Unfortunately in some scenarios the mold cannot be removed and an entire area will need to be removed and rebuilt. This is one of the benefits of choosing a full service restoration company. Not only do we help with mold testing and removal, but we also provide complete restoration services. We will renovate and rebuild any area that requires such treatment.

We always ensure a thorough inspection has been completed before deciding to remove drywall. Our team will always try to save your space the best we can to avoid renovation however, this is not always possible. It is imperative to take all the proper precautions and steps to control the spread of the spores during the removal. We will always use required safety equipment to keep you and your family safe during the process.

Certain types of mold can be extremely dangerous and toxic during removal. It is best to let professionals handle the mold removal process so we can ensure safe practices and extensive removal. Hidden or unsuspecting mold can often get left behind by home owners, be sure to call the experts to confirm all of the mold gets removed!

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Protect Your Health, Hire Us For Mold Testing CT

Mold typically grows in areas that are dark and moist. Bathrooms, basements, garages, and attics are usually most prone to developing mold. When was the last time you had an inspection?

Breathing in mold is harmful, unhealthy, and should be avoided at all cost. People often report smelling a strong musty scent while mold is growing in their homes. Even though it may not be visible, it can still be growing within your walls and causing health problems. Mold can spread incredibly quickly so if you suspect mold growing it is important to receive an inspection right away!

If mold spores are discovered, we will often need to start by fixing the mold infected area’s ventilation to prevent spreading of spores. After secluding the area, we will begin removal. Have you discovered signs of mold in your home? Call the mold removal experts from Pro Restoration Solutions today and regain your health and peace of mind.

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Whether you need mold air quality testing, removal or restoration services, give us a call to handle it all! 203-633-7746

Need help with Insurance?

Our Connecticut contractors from Pro Restoration Solutions will always be here for you. We provide emergency services for the unexpected because let’s face it, life sometimes doesn’t go according to plan. Need to make an insurance claim? We can help! Contact us today and we will help walk you through the process and get the help you need.

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We have been through this process many times and understand what is required to file a claim. From inspection to cause and figuring out a solution, we can help you with it all!

Our inspectors are very thorough, and they will talk to you and take you through the entire process before the inspection starts. We believe in transparency, so our first inspection step will be performed with you, taking us around your place as we look for mold formations.

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Connecticut Restoration Of Homes made easy

It can be difficult to find a company that provides full serivce from start to finish. Jobs can quickly become complicated and lengthy due to multiple contractors trying to work around each other. This is why we offer full service and will handle the project start to finish. Whether you kitchen, bathroom, basement, or other rooms need to be remodeled, we are the company for the job!

If you live in CT storm damage isn’t unheard of. Our company can take care of any storm damage that comes your way. While we can’t stop the storms, we’re happy to help you clean up and restore any part of your house.

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Storm damage can range from siding being ripped off to a full blown tree through your roof and taking out a water pipe that floods the house. While we hope you never have to go through this, we are here to help if you do!

Storms can wreak havoc on your property. Whether your water damage is caused by hurricane, flooding or other natural disaster, Pro Restoration Solutions will provide sound solutions and implement best practices to get you back on your feet.

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We are happy to provide a free quote for your home remodeling project. Call us at 203-633-7746 or request an appointment.

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In addition to our interior services, we also provide solutions for the outside of your house! Whether your house was damaged by a storm, your paint is peeling, or you just want to change the color, we are here to help! We provide exterior house painting services as one of our remodeling solutions. Paint is one of the easiest ways to preserve the curb appeal of your home, or bring life back to your house. Fresh paint can significantly raise the value of your home without having to tear into it or expose anything to the elements.

When it’s time to breathe life back into your home, give us the chance to impress you! If you are looking for a team which is quick and resilient then choose our home improvement contractors. We will help will all of your CT restoration needs!

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Your home is likely one of your most important investments, and it’s imperative to keep it safe. This starts from the outside! Your home’s exterior should be inspected regularly to check for damage for problem areas. Start by examining your paint, then pay attention to the siding. Is it sagging or bowed away from the house? Is the paint chipped or nicked and exposing the underneath? These are signs of wear and required an inspection to determine the level of care.

Call us today to receive a free inspection!

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We have been focused day in and day out with the only goal in our mind to provide you with the best service possible for mold removal Cheshire and beyond. It has taken us years to master the craft of professional mold removal and damage repair, only so that we can make your home or business a better and safer place to live in. After all, no one should have to go through the trauma of sleeping under a roof which is staggering and unsafe. When you need professionals to handle your restoration project, Pro Restoration Services is the solution.

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